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We are so happy to have you join us! On this page you will find options to join the Bates Method International Teacher Listing on - from the FREE Listing choice up to a GOLD Profile. Your patronage goes to help our community and to continue our work. Welcome!

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Bates Method

Teachers Listing

The BMI Teachers Listing is a global database of Bates Method and Holistic Vision professionals, here to help teachers and colleagues to connect across borders, to share, and support each other, whilst allowing the public to contact you for help in learning how to care for their vision.

The basic listing is Free for all teachers. This is an info service, and all are welcome to sign up.

You can also support us and promote your business – choose from one of the following modest subscriptions: Bronze Listing, Silver Profile, or Gold Profile.

Your listing requires completion of a recognised course of vision teacher training or similar study and competence in teaching the Bates method.

The listings are for you to use, to connect to your colleagues and extended community of fellow teachers.

The listings are for the public, who can find you when they are seeking advice and will benefit from your help and guidance.

Image © Bates Method Lithuania

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This is a global community of vision educators

We encourage you to build community: share about your work of the Bates Method, of Vision Education, Holistic Vision, Natural Vision and more. Individuals and entire countries have their own approach and legacy – how has your experience and culture infused your understanding of the subtleties of this work? Let us find out together what we are building on the legacy of Dr Wm. H. Bates.


I am highly interested in your great proposition concerning a Better Eyesight League. I feel indebted to Dr. Bates who improved not only my eyesight but also my nervous condition; so I naturally wish to do my little bit to bring the life and health message to all others who are in need of it.

Better Eyesight - March, 1922.

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