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Welcome to and Bates Method International - the premier site for learning about the Bates Method of Vision Education. The purpose of these pages is to inform you about natural vision, vision improvement and your alternatives when wanting to care for your eyes.

Learn how to improve your eyesight without lenses or surgery and learn how to increase your chances of healing in cases of degenerative eye disease.

It is as natural for the eye to see as it is for the mind to acquire knowledge, and any effort in either case is not only useless, but defeats the end in view.
Wm H Bates: Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920 pg 106

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Can education lead to myopia?

July 06 2018
young girl with glasses

Education and Short-sight

Charlotte Schuman gives us a Bates perspective on the recent news that, apparently, “being highly educated can make you short-sighted…” Read More

New Vision Teachers -

July 08, 2018


Bates Method Teacher
Ann Moran - Dublin
Contact Ann Moran

New Vision Teachers -

Feb 23, 2018


Bates Method Teacher
Sigita Kriaučiūnienė - Ukmergė, Lithuania
Contact Sigita Kriaučiūnienė

Jul 06, 2017

Chicago - Illinois

Bates Method Teacher and Natural Health Doctor
Mimi Shekoski - Chicago area/Streamwood
Contact Mimi Shekoski | Details


If you ever thought palming wasn't cool...

Feb 2017


New Vision Teacher Profiles

June 2016
Charlotte Schman

Anthony Attenborough

Anthony is a Bates teacher and kinesiologist based in Wandsworth (SW18) in London UK. Anthony has over thirty years' experience with the method - you can book a session and read about his work with vision - and BatesKinesiology - here.

Charlotte Schuman

Charlotte Schuman

Based near Thame in Oxfordshire, Charlotte has been teaching for over ten years - you can read about her vision journey and teaching practice here.

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Winter Vision

November 17 2014
Icon image of late setting sun

Winter Vision

Now that the nights are drawing in for the northern hemisphere, here are a few tips on keeping your eyes sparkling in the days of winter light... See More


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Using Touch for Vision

September 22 2014
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Using Touch for Vision

Were you ever told 'Don't trace with your finger', when you were learning to read? 

In fact it's quite natural for a young child to want to make the abstract experience of reading a little more tangible and physical, by touching the paper... See More


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New Article - The Effect of Weightlessness on the Shape of the Eye

September 21 2014
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The effect of weightlessness on the shape of the eye - on Facebook page

From the Guardian March 13, 2012:
"Some astronauts have reported changes in their eyesight after missions on the International Space Station." Photograph: AP


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New Article posted - The World Moves

September 6 2014
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The World Moves

A few words from William H. Bates about seeing movement, and how this can help your eyes to relax.


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Bates Method International (BMI) on Facebook

September 2014

You can now follow BMI on Facebook, give comments and likes, and ask questions.

We'll be doing mini lessons and instructional nibbles, here are a few to get you started::

Understanding the basics #2 - Relaxation

Understanding the basics #1 - Central Fixation

Q&A - But what does 'Fixation' mean?

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New Case History - Our Journey with the Bates Method

March 29, 2012

Read Carolyn Mills' story about working with the Bates method for herself and her 2 year old daughter:

"I first came across the Bates method whilst browsing in a bookshop in my early twenties. 

"I had been prescribed glasses at the tender age of 7 or 8, and was told that I needed them every waking hour as I was both short sighted and had astigmatism.  I was told that as my mum was short sighted too, it was likely that my prescription would get stronger and stronger as it was in my genes, and nothing could be done."


The Moon Swing: new movement vision game online

January 29, 2009

Already proving popular, a new animation is available to help understand the Bates concepts of shifting and swings.

The Moon Swing

Moon Swing Instructions


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