Winter Vision

Learning to release your eyes in the winter months

Winter Vision

When the nights draw in for winter, here are a few tips on keeping your eyes sparkling in the colder days of the year.

  • Assuming you're not above the Arctic Circle, try to get at least an hour of natural light into your eyes every day. This means getting outdoors if you can; a lunchtime walk or other exercise is ideal.
  • Eyes adore colour, and when the sun is out in the winter its low angle can bring some fantastic hues into the landscape. Everything takes on a golden tinge, and autumn colours can be spectacular of course: simply connect and engage with what you see in a conscious manner. It's like a long drawn out sunset - and of course if you are further south then you will see these colours for a shorter time at the beginning and end of the day.
  • After rain is also great for colour. Wet plants, leaves, and other surfaces take on a deeper, more saturated intensity, and if the sun comes out after a shower the world can be super vibrant.
  • Snow brings an enormous lift of available light - you may readily recognise that feeling of being 'light-hearted', when you find it has snowed overnight. Having fun in the snow is a natural inclination, perhaps more so for those who are young; but less well known is how valuable the extra light is for your well being, no matter what age you are.
  • And if getting enough light is a real challenge, with long days of dull grey or even no light, then do make use of a good desk lamp or sunning lamp if you have one, remembering to palm after every session. Click on the links for:
  • sunning and palming.

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