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I went with a friend to a workshop... I was sceptical but we had so much fun - everybody should learn how to look after their eyes! Now I only wear glasses when and if I have to - like really lousy lighting when checking street signs at night! My glasses now only stay in the car. If the military and sports science specialists use it why keep improving vision a secret?

-- 29 yrs, F. D.

Since starting with glasses at school as I couldn't see the blackboard, I had never spoken to any other glasses wearer of what it’s like not to wear glasses. I felt sort of incomplete - inadequate - only those with serious eye problems will remain dependent on glasses after the workshop. I feel thrilled, awake... I feel connected to the natural world for the first time.

-- T. W. S

I was sceptical... It was scary; 6 other workshop students had also been offered laser treatment in the days leading up to the workshop: but now I know how to look after my eyes. None of us had the operation - and some of us experienced a vision improvement of more than 1.5 diopters, confirmed by their optometrist.

-- 24 yrs, Computer Progammer

Synchronicity... when I came to the workshop I had just lost an eye, and there was a lady there who had lost hers 5 years before – we learned such a lot together at the workshop that weekend. I had been told to take extreme care of the other eye, and I was a bundle of nerves. But now I can do almost all things as if nothing had happened.

-- 38yrs, single father with one eye

Having constant perfect vision is a must in my job. While my acuity deficit is only small, the correspondence course was an 'eye-opener' to dynamic and passive relaxed vision habits.

-- 32yrs, Commercial Pilot

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