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I was told that as my mum was short sighted too, it was likely that my prescription would get stronger and stronger as it was in my genes, and nothing could be done... Our Journey with the Bates method

-- Caroline M, London

No limits, no boundaries, no barriers, unconditional love, seeing life truly, seeing how things really are.. The Bates method has worked holistically for me. It has changed my life and I thought I was going to eye exercise lessons WOW!! Just what is... The Bates Method

-- Frances M, London

At the age of 28, I applied to become a firefighter. I knew that the sight requirements were stringent and having spent the previous l8 months working at a VDU terminal, I had noticed my eyes seemed weaker and was concerned... Training to be a Firefighter

-- Ciaran F, London

Lizzie did reading training without my glasses with me and I could definitely see without them in the distance. When I started doing exercises in reading sentences in a book where the font size of the letters got smaller and smaller I recognised that I could read them without any problems. It became very clear to me that I had been hiding behind my glasses for many years... Seeing is Believing

-- Beate G, London

The result – seven months on – is truly heartening. By regularly using the sunning and palming techniques and with frequent lessons, my eyes are very rarely sore or bloodshot, my tears are gradually returning... Presbyopia and Dry Eyes

-- Zulema D, London

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