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Lizzie May

  • Bates method teacher for over 20 years
  • Teaches in London SW14
  • International: Skype, FaceTime, Zoom

I was so impressed and impassioned by the Method that after I had dispensed with lenses, I decided that this was to be my profession for life!

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I run a busy practice teaching both one-to-one at my clinic in London and internationally over Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. I love teaching people from so many different backgrounds, from the USA to UK, Argentina to Malaysia, Oman, South Africa, Sweden and more. From my work I've found that cultural and environmental factors can also influence eyesight, as much as visual habits and lifestyle.

Read more about me and my teaching practice below:


I qualified as a Bates Teacher in 1998, having been a Manufacturer's Agent for 16 years in the highly competitive housewares industry, here in the UK and abroad.

I became interested in the Bates Method for 2 reasons: I hated wearing glasses for my short sight and astigmatism and was aware of the possible consequences of having a family history of glaucoma and cataract going back 3 generations on the maternal side.

In childhood I had a divergent squint and at the age of six I was unable to learn to read, i.e. I could see the letters but they made no sense. This now would have been diagnosed as a form of dyslexia. So I work a lot with children with squint (strabismus) and other eye conditions. See Testimonials here.

I was so impressed and impassioned by the Method that after I had dispensed with lenses, I decided that this was to be my profession for life!


  • I have a purpose-built clinic;
  • Lessons can be on a one-to-one basis or for entire families;
  • Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom lessons available worldwide - enquire about other video apps;
  • I work with children;
  • Concession rates are available for students, pensioners etc.
  • I work in close collaboration with a supportive local optician;
  • I lead group seminars at local adult education colleges;
  • I carry out individual or group sessions in the workplace, on topics such as computer eyestrain;
  • I also speak at local and international venues;
  • I have received referrals from Moorfields Eye Hospital and was on the board of Moorfields’ Eye and Mind Society from 2007 - 2009;
  • I am an assessor for new teachers for Bates Method International (Vision Education).

Vision Lessons and Clinic

  • One-to-One

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    Standard Vision Lesson

    Lessons at my clinic are 60 or 90 minutes.

    Lessons over Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc. are 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Vision Clinic

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    Bates Method Drop-in Clinic

    Held once a month — Have a chat with other Bates students, rest your eyes, and learn a Bates Technique. Receive low-cost practical support and share your experiences with vision teachers and fellow vision improvement students!

    Dates 2020:

    • 11 Jan 10:00am - 11:00am
    • 08 Feb 10:00am - 11:00am
    • 07 Mar 10:00am - 11:00am
    • 04 Apr 10:00am - 11:00am
    • 02 May 10:00am - 11:00am
    • 06 Jun 10:00am - 11:00am


  • Workshop

    9 - 10 May 2020

    Reiki Training with Shannon Oehmke

    Reiki Training 1 & 2 and Holy Fire Reiki

  • Workshop

    June 2020

    Vision Nutrition

    Kevin Wooding and Lizzie May - your health and your vision

  • Workshop

    Nov 2020

    Calling in your insights

    Techniques to deepen your understanding of your inner wisdom

  • Group Discussion

    December 2020

    Hosted by Lizzie May and Kevin Wooding

    Vision work, the journey ahead

The Lesson Experience

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  • YouTube Channel

    The Vision Journey

    Understanding the vision journey is extremely helpful when embarking on your own program for your sight. These short videos are aimed at getting you started on the right path, right from the beginning.

  • Favourite Books


To book your first session with Lizzie May, please phone +44 (0)20 8878 XXXX - or use the contact form:

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