Seeing is Believing

Beate G. - Bates Method - Seeing is Believing

I went to Lizzie May’s vision education because my husband was very keen on getting training to live without glasses. He had read books where the Bates theory was explained and had very often told me that he believed that I didn’t need glasses at all.

On a Saturday afternoon in October 2006 we went to Lizzie in order to start the vision training. She asked my husband many questions which I had to translate into German and therefore I got an idea of the Bates theory. It became very clear that a family issue 40 years ago was the reason for my ‘weak sighted’ eyes when I started wearing glasses every day from the morning to the evening. During this period my eyesight varied between +0.75 and -2.5 dioptre.

Lizzie did reading training without my glasses with me and I could definitely see without them in the distance. When I started doing exercises in reading sentences in a book where the font size of the letters got smaller and smaller I recognised that I could read them without any problems.

It became very clear to me that I had been hiding behind my glasses for many years. Since then I haven’t worn my glasses any more. I waited for headaches or tired eyes when I was at work in the City of London, but everything was fine. For the first five days not wearing glasses I was a little bit reluctant in reading a book in the afternoon because I feared that I needed to have my glasses back, but then I started reading my book in the tube after work without any problems.

Condition: Presbyopia
Case History © Beate G.

I waited for headaches or tired eyes when I was at work in the City of London, but everything was fine.

Beate G.

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