Cancelling My Contacts

Martin, a busy father and businessman, writes about his vision journey with the Bates Method

I am 45 years old and have worn glasses now for 28 years, becoming more and more reliant on them over the years to the point where they were the first thing I would pick up in the morning. My eyesight was -2.5 in both eyes as I struggle to see things far away. I also used contact lenses for sport.

About 2 months ago I came across the Bates method of eyesight improvement on the internet and became interested in learning more. Like most people I was not sure if it was true or not as surely I would have heard about it if it worked.

My research led me to many websites, some trying to sell ideas and exercises and some just providing information or plugging books.

I soon realized that it was not a scam and that all Bates writings can be found for free on the internet if you look around, however that said I have bought the odd book to read about people’s experiences and their own interpretation of the Bates method in my quest to learn more.

I was also keen to actually talk with someone who it had worked for and to check if my interpretation of what I was reading was right, so I began looking for a Bates teacher in my area -which led me to Charlotte Schuman.

Dr Bates’ theory seemed to stack up for me and make complete sense. My eyesight had got bad due to doing too much close work when computers first came in, so if what I looked at could change my eyesight, then it figures that if you do other things with your eyes you can change them back again. I have no medical condition that would stop this from happening so I just need to start using my eyes differently.

I wanted to give up my glasses but like most people, I thought: how do I do that in practice? I need them to drive and I work on a computer all day! When I first tried to work without them, I found that I could not concentrate, and I experienced headaches, and I nearly thought-  this is too hard to do, and the Bates method may never work for me... However I started to leave my glasses off, and within a few days I could work on my computer without them, and now I do not use them at all at work.

So what has been my experience after two months?

Well, when I started,  I could not even make out the top letter on the Snellen chart at 20/400, however I can now read down to 20/80 and now only use my glasses for driving although I use an old pair of lower prescription ones,  as my glasses now hurt my eyes to wear. I have not had a formal eye test yet but think I must be -1 or -1.5 now.

I wish I did more each day as I think I would progress faster, but I do try and do a little each day, palming, sunning, long swinging or using the Snellen card, but most days I just try and not stare,  and actually look at what I can see,  rather than focussing on what I still can't.

The Bates method is really all about relaxation rather than exercises. I think everyone would just like to be told to do one exercise and that would cure them- (I know I would!) However the more you try, the more you fail. Eye exercises do have their place, and I do try a few each day, but my best moments come when I just relax and don't try. I do get the odd clear flash, but these took about a month before they came, although they are becoming more common now. I am trying to relax more now, however this I find hard, as I always want to be on the go! But relaxation seems to be the key to it all, which is why my progress is a little slower than it should be.

One thing I now know is that you CAN improve your eyesight, and the methods DO work.  I know I will never need to buy glasses again and no matter how long it takes I will continue to practice the methods until I am completely cured.

June 2015

I have now seen a really big improvement. I’m now getting many more clear moments and can sometimes make them happen myself at will, which is great!

. . . Funny thing this eyesight stuff, it’s starting to get really interesting! I'm off to cancel my contact lenses now as I certainly will not be needing them any more anytime soon!

Watch this space...!

Age: 45 Condition: Myopia
Case History © Martin

I figured . . . if looking at screens day after day could change my eyesight for the worse, then if I do other things with my eyes I can change them back again . . .


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