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Bates Method International

Welcome to and Bates Method International - the premier site for learning about the Bates Method of Vision Education.
Learn about the natural use of your eyes, how vision relaxation can help your mind and eyesight, and how to regain a healthy balance of inner and outer clarity.


Nothing else matters.

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Wm H Bates

Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920 pg 106

Vision Games

Tired of looking at your screen? Here are some breakout vision games to help you free up those tired eyes and bring you back to normal healthy vision


It is now over 100 years since Dr William H Bates first began researching into the causes and relief of poor sight. He developed a system of visual techniques to reawaken the natural function of the eyes and mind. He found he could use his method for short sight, long sight, astigmatism, old-age sight, squint, 'lazy' eye, and even structural diseases such as macular degeneration. He found anyone could be benefited by learning normal and relaxed use of the eyes and mind. His discoveries were both radical and thought-provoking; and brought much attention from the media and members of the public . . .

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The techniques discovered by Dr Bates continue to be taught all over the world, with professional teachers in many countries helping people to see better without glasses, lenses, or disease.

History of Dr Bates

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Stress and tension, and the complexities of our modern world have us using our eyes in ways that are far from how they were designed. Here are some first steps for relaxing and rebalancing your eyes — remember, your innate and natural vision is your birthright.

Relax . . . Your Eyes!

Got your headphones and five minutes? Here's a short guided audio for eye and mind relaxation . . .

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The simple technique of Palming is regarded as the foundation for learning how to relax the eyes and mind.

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Basic Principles

An overview of Bates Method Techniques and how they work to restore eyesight.

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The Swings

The Swings bring movement to the vision and mind. This section contains descriptions of five different types of visual swing.

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The Sway

The Sway is also an excellent method for learning to see movement in the world.

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Colour Days

Perception of colour completes the basic levels of sight covered in this techniques section.

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Teachers of the Bates Method

The Teachers listed in this section comprise members of Bates Method International who have trained and qualified in approved training courses. To train as a teacher requires considerable personal development and ability to demonstrate teaching and practical expertise.

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A selection of vision items both old and new, to support your vision journey.

New Case History

Our Journey with the Bates Method

"I had been prescribed glasses at the tender age of 7 or 8, and was told that I needed them every waking hour as I was both short sighted and had astigmatism. I was told that as my mum was short sighted too, it was likely that my prescription would get stronger and stronger as it was in my genes, and nothing could be done." Read more . . .

More Case Histories

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