Case Histories

The following case histories from Teachers and pupils of the Method have been gathered since 1995. These pages are periodically updated with new histories: Let us know if you have a story you want to share of your experience with the Method.

The Bates Method

Presbyopia, Age 42

The lessons are tailor-made to the client's requirements. My lessons went through sunning, palming, peripheral vision, games, sways, swings, 3D and colour. The sunning and palming I do most lunchtimes for about 20 minutes and this makes me feel refreshed.

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Our Journey with the Bates Method

Squint, myopia; Mother & 2½ yr old Daughter

"...My prescription would get stronger and stronger as it was in my genes, and nothing could be done." — This classic case history is a must-read.

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Seeing truthfully and clearly

Short-sight, Age 43

The girls took to it like a duck to water and their vision improved rapidly. The method has set them up for life with the knowledge of how to keep their eyes well and relaxed under all conditions.

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The Two Eyes

Normal sight, Age 9

"Once upon a time, there were two eyes called Charlotte and James that belonged to the body of a girl called Lizzie. Every day, they would have carrots and orange juice for breakfast..."9

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Cataract Diagnosis

Cataract, Age 80

In June 2011 my NHS optician advised me that I would need a cataract eye operation in the next five years. In July 2013, my NHS optician confirmed that there was no need for this surgery. I am 80 years young.

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