Case Histories

The following case histories from Teachers and pupils of the Method have been gathered since 1995. These pages are periodically updated with new histories: Let us know if you have a story you want to share of your experience with the Method.


Myopia (Short-sight), Age 7:

"Charlotte started her lessons in autumn. Over the previous months her parents had noticed she was having increasing difficulty in seeing the television from a reasonable distance..."

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My Experience with the Bates Method

Myopia, Age 27:

"I began wearing glasses more or less permanently when I was about sixteen. I disliked them intensely and wore them grudgingly. I was very unhappy at school, I felt alienated..."

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A Letter from Wales

Macular degeneration

I would not have had the confidence to attempt such a walk two years ago. I walk around the corner of my street and head for the park. Suddenly, I see the name of a car clearly in the centre of my field of vision...

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Memory and Vision

Memory, myopia and presbyopia

As she stood at the door she said to me “I have never been so relaxed in my entire life. I'm going to practise this.” She went away in deep reflection - amazed...

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Visual Journey


After my first year, my 1998 prescription was significantly lowered. I have learned what eye strain is and how to avoid it. Acuity work allows me to develop my vision and I am improving my eyes all the time...

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