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Ecole de la Vue

Teaching the profound fundamental principles of vision education and visual function.

The Training

This professional training seeks to train teachers in the profound fundamental principles of Dr. W. H. Bates of vision education and visual function improvement. Ecole de la Vue has a Polyvagal-informed approach which perfectly corresponds to the importance of the mind, brain, nervous system, and body - in vision.

Dr. Bates’ research and findings in his time are supported by research today within the field of neuroscience. The training course is complentary to other vision disciplines as well as body movement techniques, sport practices and any field where vision and orientation plays a major role.

The school's approach to the Bates method stems from the training system of the School of Vision Education (London 1996 - Peter Mansfield and Margaret Montgomery), in direct lineage from Dr. W. H. Bates.


Nina Hutchings Nina Hutchings trained at the School of Vision Education in London, UK and has since been a full-time Bates teacher based in Aix-en-Provence, France for the last 25 years. She gives individual lessons and has been running workshops in different countries over the years including Switzerland, Spain, Belgium. She has also co-run workshops in collaboration with Alexander Teachers and Feldenkrais method teachers.

Nina also trained in Somatic Experiencing (S.E. Peter Levine), a body-oriented therapeutical approach for post-traumatic stress resolution based on innovative studies of the autonomous nervous system, the Polyvagal Theory. The connection between the autonomic nervous system, vision and visual function became a source of fervent study. Her teaching of the Bates Method, influenced by Somatic Experiencing, has transformed over the years into a Polyvagal informed perspective of understanding vision and its disturbances. Nina has been running further training workshops linking the Polyvagal theory to vision problems and vision improvement.

Laurence Fritz Laurence Fritz began her professional career as an optician-optometrist in the family business and later trained as an orthoptist in order to provide more help to people with vision problems. For more than 10 years she worked with serious visually challenged children and adults, discovering their visual function in order to develop their remaining visual capacity.

Since childhood, Laurence has lived in the world of optics. She is a great grandaughter of an optician who was a founding member of the Institut d’Optique Raymond Tibaut (1933); grandaughter of an optician-ophthalmologiste, and daughter of an optician pioneer in rigid contact lenses (1963).

Attentive to my patients' seeing better, the Bates Method has enabled me to practise orthoptics in a different way by offering a personalised, more complete and natural re-education that is less mechanical and respects the physiology of visual function and that of the patient.

Optician-optometrist and orthoptist: I.O.R.T. – Bruxelles and at Université Lille 2 – Lille.
Certified teacher of the Bates Method and Vision Education.
Brain Gym® and Cercles de vision® with Paul & Gail Dennison
Rhythmic Movement Training™ with Dr Blomberg
Bal-A-Vis-X, Balance/Auditory/ Vision eXercises™ with Bill Hubert.

Next Dates

  • Dates: 2022 – 2023
  • Length: one year
  • In person: 4 modules of 6 days every 3 months.
  • Online: Hybrid of online classes and a 10 day in person module for practical teaching.


To find out more about Ecole de la Vue, and to apply to train, please phone‭‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ +33 670 93 0XXXX or use the contact form:

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