Kick Start Your Vision

Get started on the practice of palming for 2022, and set up the foundation of the Bates method . . .

Help your eyes RELAX!

Jan 17 2022

The Principle

The core aim of the Bates method is to allow the eyes and mind to become relaxed. Everything else in the method is built on this.

The Practice

Take up a regular practice of palming. To palm, cover your eyes with the palms of your hands in such a way that there is no contact nor pressure on the eye balls themselves.

The Position

Sit in a chair at a table, with cushions to support your arms. You can also lie down in bed, or on the floor, with a pillow under the head and another under the elbows for support (see the image above).

The First Step

Get started. Palm regularly and make the practice your own. No force is needed in the learning. When you feel you have done enough, stop and go and do something else.

Start with 5 minutes or less when you have time, and build up to 10, 20 minutes, or longer. Once a day, or twice a day. Bring your mind and eyes to a quiet peace each time.

If it feels difficult, try listening to music as you palm. More tips to come!

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