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What can I do about cataracts?


Sent: 25 May 2000 22:32

My optician has just told me that I have started developing cataracts. Can the Bates method help without surgery? I am male and 69 years old.


My own experience as a Bates Teacher is that yes, the Bates Method can help - most fundamentally in teaching you how to release and avoid any contributing or reactive strain from the condition. Basically, the Bates Method teaches you how to use your eyes well, and in a relaxed manner. Obviously when you have a physical problem, like cataract, it is very easy to get caught up in reacting in a strained and stressed way. Once the strain starts to release, then the condition has a chance to heal, as much as it is able. Unfortunately, there can be absolutely no guarantee that the condition will reverse - although it has been known to happen - and much depends on the length of time the condition has been in evidence, and how far it has progressed.

Furthermore, people who have had cataracts and also used the Bates Method will have a good chance of having a very successful surgery. Teaching the person how to let their eyes 'be' is of use in any visual circumstance, including healing from an eye operation.