Bates Method International

Children and astigmatism


Sent: Wed 28 June 2000 11:30

My 6 Year old son has just been prescribed glasses for an astigmatism. The optician said this was unlikely to get better and make in fact become worse as he gets older. The problem is in his right eye. His left eye is apparently perfect! Can the Bates Method help?


Yes the Bates Method can help - it's important to note that individual response to the Method does vary somewhat, and much depends on the student's willingness and ability to learn. Children, particularly if interested in the Method, often get along pretty well with it, as they are young and tend to have flexible thought processes! If the child likes the Method, he or she can find it incredibly fun.

Adults by comparison can be 'set in their ways', so more dedication can be required for older students. In the case of your son, it's also important to think about the other members of the family - for instance, if you have eyesight difficulty, then your son will very likely be picking up vision habits from you that are contributing to the condition. Very often the ideal situation for a child is for his or her parents to be willing to look at their own vision habits. This can make a huge difference.