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Developments have been underway at seeing.org for the past 5 years, in preparation for the 100 year anniversary of the birth of ‘The Bates Method’.

Latest News from Seeing.org - August 2020

A letter from The Team @ Seeing.org

I’ve been reading all the comments on the WhatsApp Holistic Vision Group with joy, feeling the cohesiveness of the group which is so wonderful to see! So many thanks to Fabrizio!

When I first started to learn about the internet and what it might do, I remember thinking, ‘Oh Wow! No borders!’ I saw a fabulous potential for the joining of many different understandings and teaching styles of our work – crossing the boundaries of countries and cultures.

I felt that many different pathways of teaching had been in danger of becoming isolated and even lost to time, but perhaps, through the Internet, there could be sharing and support; breathing new life into the learning, and connection for us all. There can be a vulnerability with our work, where pressures from our dominant society can diminish one's willingness to swim against the tide.

Image © Bates Method Lithuania

Technology has also improved over the intervening years, with the immediacy of connection ever greater, and many people are now open and willing to embrace this stage. It is a vast difference to when I used to go to individual teachers in my country and help them one by one to take the plunge and get a computer!

And now it is 2020

Developments have been underway at seeing.org for the past 5 years, in preparation for the 100 year anniversary of the birth of ‘The New Ophthalmology’; as Bates’ work was sometimes described in the early 1920s. At seeing.org we are in the middle of the first phase of changes and new ventures, and we need your help for the following:

The International Database of Teachers

This request is all about connection 🤗 We need your help to get our worldwide database fully up to date. Many of you will already be listed . . .

  • Have a look at The Teachers Listing and see if you can locate your name. For computer, the quickest way to search is to type Command+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) and start to type your name – the page should jump quickly to you if you are already listed (type more of your name if there is more than one result).

  • If you are on a mobile/cell, wait a few moments while the full page loads and use the filter links at the top of the page to go quickly to your country/province, and narrow down the number of people on the page so you can quickly scan. Enjoy the little photos.😊

  • If you are listed on the page, don’t do anything right now – we will be sending you an email with all your database details, so you can send us any corrections.

  • If you are NOT listed on the page, please accept our invitation to join by sending us your details through this form: https://seeing.org/contact-us.html?subject=becomeTeacherMember

  • It would be very helpful if you can add the following information to the message box on the form:
    1. a. Where and with whom you trained, and
    2. b. How you describe your work (Bates teacher, Holistic Vision, Orthoptist, etc.)

Note: The basic listing is FREE for all teachers – we will be sending information about other options for your listing very shortly!

There are more developments coming and it is so exciting to bring this to you all! At last!

Best wishes,


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