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I'm so happy to be part of the vision improvement program! Through the program, I'm receiving information and tools that are helping me get a better understanding of the human body and of human behavior. With that information and tools, my motivation to get into action and apply new and healthier habits into my life goes up. I got concrete support, just what I needed to feel the courage to open myself to larger possibilities regarding my health. Thank you so much! See you tomorrow!

-- Marilyse, Canada, 2020

In 2020, Will offered live Zoom classes and I was thrilled to work with him “in person.” Each class was filled with guided and supported exercises as well as a healthy dose of humour. In a few classes I experienced what it is to relax the visual system. I’d never really felt that tension and began to understand it’s connection with the “dis-ease” I was dealing with. In listening to Will, I calmed my resistance to starting on such a big project and dissolved my worry about losing my vision. I was able to get on with my own wellness. Will's approach, although simple to grasp, is rich in levels of interconnected knowledge from his bodywork and exercise background, his studies in learning psychology and neuroplasticity and extensive work in Vision Improvement with Meir Schneider. Will extended incredible support to all of us in the classes. He was able to teach us that these small changes add up to noticeable improvements in wellness.

-- Kathy Hind, Ontario, Canada. 2020

I gain a lot from your sessions and also from earlier products from your envision self-healing site. You have been a brilliant source of knowledge and exercises for specific conditions. Moreover, they work. My vision is improving! :-) -

-- David, USA, 2020

What I love most about following your program is seeing things in the distance I couldn’t see before. One day I can’t see the bike but later that week I can. I feel very motivated to continue with your eye exercises! more testimonials and case histories...

-- 7 year old boy, USA

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