Bates Method International

The Two Eyes

Age: 9 Condition: Normal sight

By Aurelia (9)

August 2012
Once upon a time, there were two eyes called Charlotte and James that belonged to the body of a girl called Lizzie. Every day, they would have carrots and orange juice for breakfast. They had salmon ad carrot juice for lunch and oranges ad kiwi juice for dinner. They were a good favourite in the body and every night they would sail around the body and say ‘goodnight’!

But one day a terrible thing happened! James could not wake up! He was sick and if he was sick, that would mean he could not work properly and poor Lizzie could not see with one eye. So the eye doctor came to see Lizzie but he could not do anything to help. So the body had a go to try but could not do anything either. So Lizzie lay in bed day after day and James lay asleep.

But one day the brain thought of a brilliant idea, so he called up all of the body to say he had an announcement. One part of the body had to go the deep sea of a land far away called the Land of Health, and fetch the Pear of Health. If that part of the body did that she would be given the sign of courage and peace. Of course, everyone was arguing about who would do the task. But the brain had thought about that already. He said "I think Charlotte should do the task because she is James’s sister." Everyone agreed Charlotte should do the task.

So the next night, Charlotte went on her way to the land of health. When Charlotte came to the land she saw no-one there: only medicine bottles and medicine pills and in the distance she saw the deep sea. So the set foot on the path leading to the sea and went on her way to get the pearl of health. Eventually after three days, she was on the sandy beach of the deep sea. She had one more look behind her and dived into the sea. She swam down to the bottom of the sea and swam around and eventually found a big dark cave. She was scared but knew she had to help her brother. So she went in and eventually found the pearl in an oyster shell. So she went back to the body and used the pearl to wake James up and he suddenly woke up and Lizzie felt much better. So everyone rejoiced and Charlotte got her sign of courage and peace and they all lived happily ever after!


Aged 9

Aurelia saw Lizzie May, who teaches the Bates Method in South West London. To find a teacher near you, check out the Teacher pages.

Case History copyright © 2012 by Aurelia