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Cataract Diagnosis

Age: 80 Condition: Cataract

By Doug

In June 2011 my NHS optician advised me that I would need a cataract eye operation in the next five years.

About June 2012, I started about 12 lessons with Lizzie May, a Bates Vision education teacher in SW London.

In June 2013, she advised me that it was unlikely I would need a cataract operation. In July 2013, my NHS optician confirmed that there was no need for this surgery.

I am 80 years young.  I can read small print without glasses.   For the distance, there is only a small issue.  I only travel on buses and trains so there is no problem.

I do not use spectacles: all this is thanks to Lizzie May.

Doug saw Lizzie May, who teaches the Bates Method in South West London. To find a teacher near you, check out the Teacher pages.

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