Bates Method International

Case Histories

The following case histories from Teachers and pupils of the Method have been gathered since 1995. This page is periodically updated with new histories: if you have a story you want to share of your experience with the Method we'd love to hear it. Contact us here.

Title   Condition
Charlotte Age 7 Myopia (Short-sight)
Charles Age 27 Myopia
Gruffudd   Macular degeneration
Hooked!   Myopia
Memory and Vision   Memory, myopia and presbyopia
Visual Journey   Presbyopia
Challenging Beliefs Age 27 Myopia and astigmatism
Qualifying to be a Firefighter Age 28 VDU eyestrain and blur
Lifesaver Age 78 Macular degeneration & cataract
Eyeopener! Age 71 Macular degeneration
More To Bates Than Meets The Eye Age 46 Myopia and other conditions
My Search For Treatment! Age 38 Nystagmus and Double Vision
Staying Positive   Myopia
There Is Nothing To Do Age 49 Presbyopia
Up In The Clouds   Myopia
Zapping That Squint!   Squint
Better Eyesight without glasses for me Age 12 Myopia
Dreamtime and Visualisation   Inner sight
Becky   Presbyopia
Simply Seeing Better Age 12 Myopia
Seeing is Believing Late 50s Myopia and Presbyopia
Presbyopia and Dry Eyes Age 70 Presbyopia and Dry Eyes
The Bates Method Early 40s Presbyopia
Our Journey with the Bates Method Age 3 Squint
Seeing Truthfully and Clearly Age 40 Myopia
The Two Eyes 9 Normal Sight - seeing calmly
Cataract Diagnosis 80 Cataract
Cancelling My Contacts 45 Myopia


This, of course, convinced his mother that his vision was normal for the strange test cards. She was very curious to know why.
Wm H Bates: Better Eyesight Magazines May 1927