Bates Method International

Improving Vision for Pilots


Sent: 20 May 2000 12:22

Dear Sir, I really need to improve my eyesight as I wish to become an airline pilot and my eyesight prescription is as follows: left: -5.50D (-0.75 astigmatism) right:-5.25D (-1.75D astigmatism) The CAA requires that all applicants must have vision no worse than -3.00 D. Will it be possible for me to improve by this amount?


Yes it is possible, but unfortunately no guarantees can be given - simply because every case is different in terms of dedication, and how fixed the poor vision habits have become. On the positive side, you would know pretty definitely how effective it would be for you in the space of approximately 6 - 10 lessons - most people experience noticeable benefit within that period, and know for themselves whether they would like to continue with the method or not.