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This section is an ongoing project to provide a variety of visual experiences which help you to understand how to apply the Bates techniques.

In a nutshell, we want to provide the eyes with an atmosphere of attention, awareness, and acceptance. There are many ways of interpreting these three words, but for the purposes of getting started, let's just explain them in this way:

  • Attention
    Interest in what is seen
  • Awareness
    Understanding what is seen
  • Acceptance
    Being with what is seen.

As an example: the header image at the top of this page has a thin white light that is sliding from side to side. If you follow it with your eyes, turning your head gently at the same time (attention), you may become aware of the terrain through which it moves.

As you maintain your connection to the light and gently accept its movement and context, it becomes possible to observe that the surroundings appear to start moving in the opposite direction of the movement of your gaze (awareness).

The more you see this oppositional movement , the more you experience acceptance of what is seen.

The oppositional movement can be very surprising at first, but if you can understand its purpose it becomes a very relaxing process.

Essentially when your eyes move from point to point in any visual scene, your retinas literally experience continual change (movement) in the light that is being received. By observing movement you allow your mind to come into alignment with the real-time experience of your eyes.

It's the mind that sees

The human mind is very good at slotting things into their correct boxes: things don't move because they don't, and that makes sense. The mind will tell the eyes to ignore any actual experience that doesn't fit with the logically perceived world.

But this is not reality. The world moves, and if you allow your eyes to see it moving as much as possible, your mind will thank you for it!

This is just a start - if you want to see more about the moving white light and to try further tricks with it, then go to the Movement Games page.

Still under development are some visual treats for central fixation, mind-bending 3D and some standalone products that are coming soon.

Announcements for new games as they come online are made on the Bates Method discussion list - it's free for members of the public and you are welcome to join. Come and share your stories and hear about the experiences of others.