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Techniques: Colour Days

We teach people how to be visually happy. Sometimes this is not easy, but there can come a moment when everything changes, and the world becomes full of colour.

This page is about having "colour days". This is an apparently simple technique, but it can help your vision enormously.

What is a colour day?

It's a day where you spend as much of the day as you can looking for one colour of your choice. In the morning you pick a new colour e.g. red, and you spend the day looking for that colour.

If you forget about it through most of the day, don't worry - go for a colour walk, and spend the time looking for your colour.

And let the colour come to you; you don't need to search for it.

When you see your colour, be aware of the colour rather than the form - seeing a blue truck is one thing, but seeing a mass of blue which happens to be on a truck is another! For this technique the form of objects is not important, while the experience of receiving the colour is all.

A child who once had a profound squint (cross eyes), showing how powerful true relaxation can be.

How many colours can you see in this photo? Then pick a favourite.

Change your colour for every day of the week - remember, there is green, red, yellow, orange, pink, white, black, grey, purple, brown, blue.... each one is different.... Choose a colour, right now.

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