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Teachers of the Bates Method and Natural Vision Improvement

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Summary of the different categories of teachers listed

  • BMI Teachers - Category: (mBMI)
    The Teachers listed in this section comprise members of Bates Method International who have trained and qualified in approved training courses. To train as a teacher requires considerable personal development and ability to demonstrate teaching and practical expertise. All members of Bates Method International are assessed through written assessment and practical observation by an independent committee before being admitted to the BMI. Teachers who belong to Bates Method International are listed with 'Bates (mBMI)' next to their name.
  • Bates Teachers - Category: Bates (Verified)
    There are many Bates Teachers throughout the world who have trained on specialist Bates Teacher Training Courses but do not belong to Bates Method International. Wherever possible we have tried to ascertain expertise and professionalism and where these criteria are satisfied the teacher is listed with 'Bates (Verified)' next to their name.
  • Natural Vision Teachers - Category: NVI (Verified)
    Natural Vision Teachers are listed here as this form of Vision Therapy is very closely influenced by the original insights of Dr Bates. Wherever possible we have obtained confirmation of expertise and teachers who satisfy these requirements are listed as 'NVI (Verified)' next to their name.
  • Vision Specialists - Category: VS (Verified)
    In like manner to Dr Bates there are a handful of pioneering individuals who have contributed enormously to the world of Vision Improvement. Some are conventionally trained eye-specialists who have crossed over, while others have come from other disciplines to bring new insights into the world of Natural Vision Improvement. Some have had thorough training in Bates running alongside their own discoveries, many have produced extensive writings on the subject. These professionals are listed as 'VS (Verified)' for their valuable insights to the world of Vision Improvement.
  • Vision Professional - Category: (Unverified)
    Also within the listings are many professionals who cover the whole range of Vision Improvement disciplines, but we have not been able to obtain enough information about their training or expertise, and so are listed without a 'Verified' stamp. The disciplines covered within this group cater to all aspects of Vision Improvement: Bates Teachers, Natural Vision Improvement Teachers, Teachers trained through 'Enlightened Optometry' and the like.

In essence this site is about the Bates Method so emphasis is placed on Teachers who aid in understanding and learning in the techniques that were devised by Dr Bates. As there are so many branches and cross-influences in the world of Vision Improvement there is no definitive answer to how far the influence of Dr Bates original concepts spread, however the simplest advice when making an appointment with a teacher is to make sure you feel comfortable that you are receiving the kind of tuition that you seek.

While every care has been made to ensure that every person listed on this site is capable of providing valuable help, and its owners cannot be held responsible where a person has presented themselves misleadingly. If you have any concerns or require further information please contact us.