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Brigitte Cavadias mBAVE

22 Briston Grove
London N8 9EX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 8617 0819

4283 Chemin du Collet de Choucou
83570 Cotignac, France
Tel : +33 4 94 04 79 18


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Having been slightly long-sighted all my youth, I became presbyopic in my forties, wearing reading glasses at first and ten years later, I was wearing varifocals from the minute I woke up to when I went to sleep. It is after experiencing a dramatic incident caused by a distortion in my varifocals (what I was seeing through them made me think I had a brain tumour!) that I then decided I had to get rid of these glasses and, if possible, of any glasses.

I found a Bates teacher in Paris, and started my vision re-education. It was quite a revolution for me to find out what I could do for my eyes, and a revelation when I could see so much without glasses, and even start reading with my naked eyes under certain favourable conditions...

A few months later, having moved to London to start my Alexander Technique training, I found Miss Sage who offered to train me as a Bates teacher. I accepted gladly, and so found myself training in both disciplines in the same time, and it was for me a good opportunity to find out how complementary these two disciplines were.

From 1992 to 1995 I taught the Bates Method in Paris, many of my pupils being my Alexander colleagues. I moved then to Provence and, having a bigger house, I started to teach not only one to one, but also to small groups, and in small workshops, not only in Provence but also in Paris, in the UK and in Switzerland.

In 2001, together with my friend Marjory Fern from New Zealand, we created ALTEVI, which means : Alexander Technique and Vision. Months later, Rosa-Luisa Rossi from Switzerland, Lucia Walker from the UK, Marianne Moinot, from France, Cristina Masip from Spain, joined in, and we all participated in Altevi workshops and various events in Europe and in New Zealand.



I lived and taught in London between January 2004 and August 2008.During those years, I taught privately, as well as in Alexander Training Schools (London, Brighton, Bristol, Cambria). I also created and completed a Bates Training Course for Alexander Teachers and Trainees, associated with a low cost Bates Clinic open to all.
Back to France, I went on teaching vision in AT Training Schools in UK and in France, as well as teaching privately. Recently, Nina Hutchings and I started the first Bates Training Course in France.

I have now made the decision to move back to London. In my Bates/Vision lessons, I always incorporate the Alexander priciples, this why I call them Altevi lessons.

I live in Crouch End where I offer:

  • One to one individual sessions
  • One to one series of lessons
  • Small group sessions
  • Family group lessons
  • Support group meetings


22 Briston Grove
London N8 9EX

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