Charlotte Schuman Testimonials

Testimonials - Your Vision Story

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have met you properly and how fantastic it was to have a lesson with you on Friday. I got your brilliant email and notes, of course, and have downloaded my lesson recording… Fantastically, I’ve already noticed a shift for the better! -

-- Lisa, 58, highly short-sighted

Thank you again for your support, guidance and positive vibes. It really was the right time for me to start this journey with you -

-- Penny, 45, short-sighted

I have only sometimes been doing the exercises over the last few weeks, but already I notice that my vision is better - when I go outside, the world seems magnified - bigger, brighter and clearer, it’s absolutely amazing -

-- Rob, 51, musician and teacher, short-sighted

After just two lessons, doing a selection of Bates techniques and making a few changes to my diet at Charlotte’s suggestion, the hole in my vision changed! I now have some vision in the hole. It’s fragmented, and it’s as if I’m seeing through a sponge, with lots of tiny holes, but it’s a big improvement, on how it was, when I saw nothing at all in this area of my visual field. I’ve been so pleased, that I keep checking my vision to make sure I’m not dreaming! - more…

-- Elizabeth, 80, macular degeneration

After a series of lessons with Charlotte, in which she set up a daily practice for me, I have now fortunately recovered better than 20/20 vision, my near vision has also improved and my appreciation of colours shapes and sizes is enhanced. I have to thank Charlotte for this, as it’s made a big difference - more…

-- Michael, 49, presbyopia

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