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Welcome to the Bates Method Shop USA

Bates teachers like to play with all sorts of visual tricks, games, tools, gadgets, torches, lamps, pointers and more and here in the Bates Method Shop we've hand-picked many items that are great to use - just a few ideas to get you started!

On the left menu you'll see the different categories:

  • Books - covering all aspects of the Bates Method, with writings from Dr Bates, and the students and teachers that followed in his footsteps.
  • Vision Tools - Optical illusions, vision games, 3D images and Magic Eye; items providing visual stimulus and visual balance feedback
  • Lights - from Desk Lamps to Mood Lamps, Laser Pointers to Pocket Sunners, the variety of lighting tools out there are a treasure trove of fun and interest. Most of these items are used by Bates Teachers in lessons - or if we haven't used it, it's on our wish list!

Each category opens up to a full list of subcategories - have fun browsing!