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Past Events & News Archive

New Teaching Members

June, 2013

Following the Teacher assessments in March 2013 we're pleased to announce the acceptance of the following fully qualified teaching members of the Association:

Daniela Maťuchová

Teaching in Slovak Republic
Contact Daniela Maťuchová

Lin Du

Teaching in Nanjing China, and Cheshire England
Contact Lin Du

Ann Moran

Teaching in Dublin, Ireland
Contact Ann Moran

Not in your country? click here to see the full Register of Teachers of the Bates Method

Teacher Training New Dates - College of Vision Education

March 16, 2013

Thinking of becoming a Bates Teacher?

The College of Vision Education (CVE) has posted new dates for its year-long module course for Bates Method teacher training, starting in November 2013. Training in the UK, the CVE accepts applicants from across the world.


Classes and Workshops

March 19, 2013

London - July 27-28 2013:
Alexander Technique and Vision Workshop

ALTEVI is running a workshop on Being, Seeing, and Moving, for all those interested in learning about body, mind and vision; for all levels of experience.

Read more..

3rd British Natural Eyesight Conference - Low Vision and Eye Disease


26th-28th October 2012 Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, near London, UK - Read more... 

Poor eyesight, low vision, and adult onset blindness are very much at the forefront of current health concerns. This conference aims to explore these issues and their management from the perspective that eyesight can improve using natural vision methods no matter the nature or severity of the problem.

For all details including speakers, accommodation, how to book and costs - head over to the official site:

Also coming up is the 11th Italian National Conference for Holistic Vision, details are available at their Facebook page.

New Teaching Members of BAVE

March 5-9, 2011

Following the AGM on February 27 2011 we're pleased to announce the acceptance of the following fully qualified teaching members of the Association:

Manuela Spadoni

Teaching in Monza, Italy
Contact Manuela Spadoni

Sally Kirk

Teaching in Bath, United Kingdom

Please note that Sally is no longer teaching the Bates method in the UK and is currently on an extended sabbatical

Aleksandrina Kostova

Teaching in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Contact Aleksandrina Kostova

Tatsuya Tanabe

Teaching in Tokyo, Japan
Contact Tatsuya Tanabe

Sonia Djaoui

Teaching in Tours, France
Contact Sonia Djaoui

Not in your country? click here to see the full Register of Teachers of the Bates Method

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The 2nd British Natural Eyesight Conference

August 20, 2010

The Second British Natural Eyesight Conference is almost upon us, the topic this year is The Bates Method for Children's Eyesight. Come and hear speakers such as Meir Schneider, Esther van der Werf, Aileen Whiteford, Caroline Penn & Nicholas Handoll, Richard Hobday and more.

Full details of speakers and workshops are available at the BNEC website.

29th-31st October 2010
Felden Lodge,
Hemel Hempstead, near London, UK
Workshops Fri 29th Oct, Sun 31st Oct and Mon 1st Nov

New Teaching Members of BAVE

July 30, 2010

Following the AGM earlier this year we're pleased to announce the acceptance of two new fully qualified teaching members of the Association:

Jane Reed

Teaching in Leighton Buzzard, England
Contact Jane Reed

Full Register of Teachers of the Bates Method

New Teaching Members of BAVE

March 27, 2009

Following the AGM last month we're pleased to announce the acceptance of three new fully qualified teaching members of the Association:

Mary Flynn

Teaching in Cork City, Ireland
Contact Mary

Elizabeth Cheetham

Teaching in Cleethorpes, England
Contact Elizabeth | Profile Page

Full Register of Teachers of the Bates Method

Vision Workshop - Berlin, June 19 - 21

May 23, 2009

Annette Eckert is running a vision workshop in Berlin from June19 until June 21. Trained with Nina Hutchings,

Bates Method Introductory Workshop with Aileen Whiteford

February 13, 2009

An introductory workshop in the Bates Method is taking place in Middlesbrough, U.K. on March 21 with Bates Teacher Aileen Whiteford. For more information:

Clinics and Workshops

The Eye and the Mind Society AGM and Public Meeting

January 16, 2009

The Eye and the Mind Society is holding its AGM this year on February 21, 2009. The AGM is followed by a public meeting and piano recital by Derek Paravacini.

Paravacini is a blind pianist and his recital is preceded with a talk on The psychological impact of visual impairment on musical development by Professor Adam Ockelford, author of In the Key of Genius, the extraordinary life of Derek Paravacini.

In addition Dr Kenneth Wright, psychoanalyst and author of Vision and Separation: between Mother and Baby, will be giving a talk on Looking and Relating.

Cost for the public talks and recital is £25, for members of The Eye and the Mind Society entry is free.

Venue: The Institute of Psychoanalysis, 112a-114 Shirland Road, London W9 2EQ

Full agenda and booking form (PDF 140kb)

Derek Paravacini (PDF 161kb)

The Eye and the Mind Society Website

Contact The Eye and the Mind Society updated!

January 1, 2009 by Kevin Wooding

It's finally happened! After ten years on the web, has had a facelift. As one of the first websites about improving vision to go live, way back in 1999, and the first website specifically about the Bates Method on the Internet, we're proud to bring things up to date.

Your comments on the new site are very welcome - contact us - and this is just a start. Stay tuned as the vision games come online, read new articles from our contributors and get in the party with the discussions.

There's more techniques to try, a streamlined menu system to get you to the info you want, fast: The Bates Method on the internet has expanded exponentially in the last ten years and what was once a hard-to-find resource is now readily available.

Aileen Whiteford in New Zealand From 14th December 2008 -
Aileen Whiteford, co-director of the College of Vision Education, co-organiser of the British Natural Eyesight Conference and with practises in Edinburgh and London will be visiting friends in New Zealand in December. If you would like to talk to her about the Bates Method of Natural Vision Education, becoming a Bates Method teacher or any other question relating to the Bates Method,

Contact Aileen

Aileen will be in the North Island in the Auckland area from around the 14th December until just before Christmas.

Sep 30, 2008 - 1st British Natural Eyesight Conference

The 1st British Natural Eyesight Conference took place on October 24 - 27 and was a great success. Speakers at the conference included:

  • Peter Mansfield
  • Aileen Whiteford
  • Elizabeth Abraham
  • Anthony Attenborough

For more information about the conference, check out the official site,

  • 6 Day Residential Workshop
    20th - 26th July 2008 -
    Improve and take care of your eyesight naturally with Aspects of Vision - InFocus in association with the College of Vision Education
    Contact |
  • 6 Day Residential Workshop
    22nd - 28th July 2007 -
    Improve and take care of your eyesight naturally with Aspects of Vision - InFocus in association with the College of Vision Education
    Contact |
  • “Computers - Friend or Foe?”
    Saturday, October 28 2006 -
    A Series of One Day Workshops with Aspects of Vision & Vision Education Scotland
    Contact | More info...
  • Meir Schneider Training
    November 19-27 2005 inclusive
    Meir is offering his Self-Healing Method Segment ~
    A course at the Loudwater Centre, Rickmansworth
    Further details call Aileen on 01875 852095 or
    Contact Aileen or visit his site at
  • 20th International Holistic Vision Conference!
    Genoa, Italy October 28 - 30, 2005
    Official website
  • Discussion lists online
    February 2002 - If you'd like to take part in discussions about the Bates Method - make friends who are also interested in improving their eyesight, or just read the posts to the list as they come in.
    Two lists are available - one for general public, and one for Teachers and Vision Professionals only.
    More information.
  • Meir Schneider Workshop
    Self Healing Through Movement, Massage and Natural Vision Training
    Maria Assumpta Centre, Kensington, London
    9:30 to 4:30 pm Cost £75.00.
  • 19th International Conference for Holistic Vision
    Madeira Island - Portugal
    October 29 - 31, 2004
    Official website
  • Throw Away Your Reading Glasses!
    Talk with Martin Sussman
    London February 2004
    February 26
    more info...
    Better Vision Naturally and Effectively!
    February 28 -
    Day Workshop with Martin Sussman
    more info...
  • New information about International Teachers
    November 01 2003 - The International Holistic Vision Professional list continues to grow. Recent additions include Iraq, and with additional teachers added to Australia and more. Come back soon for a complete listing of Australasian teachers! If you hear or know of any teacher not already listed, please let us know.
  • Meir Schneider in Scotland November 2003
    November 27 - Evening talk in Glasgow Rokpa House, Ashley Street just off Woodlands Road
    November 28 - Evening talk in Edinburgh, Eric Loddell Centre, Morningside Road (Holy Corner)
    Both these talks are free and start at 7:00 pm
    November 29/30 Weekend workshop in Glasgow. Cost £50 per day.
    To book or for more information please contact Aileen Whiteford at Vision Education Scotland:
    Telephone 01875-819337 Contact
  • Workshop - Visual and Body Health at the Computer
    October 11 2003, or October 12 2003 -
    Learn simple, enjoyable ways to reduce eyestrain, keep your vision clear, and stay pain-free and productive. With Martin Sussman.
  • 17th International Conference for Holistic Vision
    Paris, October 2002 - This event was a great success and there will be a report on it very soon!
  • 16th International Conference of Holistic Vision in Berlin
    October 26-29 2001
  • The First Symposium on Natural Vision Improvement in the U.S.A.
    A great success
    November 20-21, 1999 - The Symposium was a great success, with speakers from the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom - more events are being planned for the future.
    Click here for a report on how it all went.
The mental effort, therefore, produces a slight strain, which is immediately discovered by the retinoscope. This piece of news evidently interested the reporter more than the other discoveries made by Dr. Bates, as she wrote an article dealing with the retinoscope alone. Since that time reporters have been writing about this, claiming that Dr. Bates has found a better "truth detector" than scopalamin.
Emily A. Meder: Better Eyesight Magazines August 1923