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Professional Teacher Training Diploma Course

4 x six day residential intensive segments

based near London, England


Learn how to teach others to improve their eyesight and take care of their sight in a natural wholistic way with the College of Vision Education’s Teacher Training Diploma Course.  CVE is an established training school with an international reputation, training teachers in the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement.

We are pleased to announce that we have made some exciting changes to our training format and announce a new and dynamic teacher training programme consisting of 4 six day (residential) intensive segments starting November 2013.  All meals and accommodation are included in the course fees.  The venue has been chosen for its accessibility to airports, trains, buses, etc.

The main focus of the training is on practical experience of the classical techniques of Dr William H. Bates (1860-1931) taught in an up-to-date wholistic way.


Module 1  -   To be confirmed. For enquiries please Contact the College of Vision Education



The Bates Method has been practised for nearly one hundred years in all continents of the world. It has helped countless numbers of people to discover that poor vision can be both prevented and improved. Every kind of eyesight difficulty has been helped - even those regarded by medicine as hopeless. In Great Britain there is a long tradition in the professional training of teachers of the Bates Method, the natural method of self-improvement specifically for the eyes, mind and body - in fact, for the whole person.


We are continuing that tradition by offering a modern, up-to-date course for people, like yourself, who are interested in working as a Bates Method Teacher in natural vision education.

As a college committed to excellence we have put together an exciting and innovative programme of study which will meet the needs of our students and ensure that they emerge as competent, confident Bates Teachers.

Each day of the course will provide a variety of learning activities, for example, lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical sessions, and supervised clinical experience.

The co-founders and principal teachers of the CVE are practising Bates Teachers with many years of experience both as teachers and trainers of teachers.


This educational programme provides comprehensive training in natural eyesight methods based on the work of Dr. William Bates. It incorporates the theory behind the method and its practical application with ongoing, integrated and supervised clinical practice.

The Bates Method provides a wholistic approach to understanding the complex nature of eyesight and offers a natural, practical way to maintain and improve vision. Dr. Bates contended that mental and physical strain in the form of unconscious, tense vision habits and a bored, strained mind is the true cause of vision problems. He also maintained that if eyesight could worsen it could improve. He firmly believed that the use of corrective lenses contributed to eyesight deterioration.

In our world where people are becoming more interested in ‘natural health’ the ‘Method’ is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to glasses, contact lenses, wave and laser techniques.

Bates teachers are not optometrists, and as such, do not diagnose or prescribe for treatment of eye problems. Clients with eye problems are encouraged to seek such services from their medical eye specialist.


The following is a sample of the core course content, but the actual contents will be much more extensive.

  • Fundamental principles of Dr.Bates' method which include:-
    • Central Fixation
    • rest
    • relaxation
    • movement
    • awareness/attention
    • memory and imagination
  • Learning to apply the method regardless of the nature or origin of the eyesight difficulty.
  • Normal structure and function of the eyes.
  • The effects of general health on vision.
  • Introduction to other natural therapies
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Teaching individuals and groups of all ages sometimes even very young children.
  • starting your business and obtaining materials


No academic qualification is required, but applicants will be required to write a short account of why they are interested in this teacher training course, a summary of their personal vision history, and an informal interview with the co-directors either by phone or in person.


The course assessment will be an ongoing process throughout, it will comprise both formal and informal elements. The assessment and evaluation will be conducted in a way to ensure maximum learning and personal and professional development.


Throughout this professional training all participants will be supported whilst working with their own eyesight as part of their personal development and encouraged to be supportive to one another in this process.


Requirements for course completion include:-

  • class attendance
  • assignments
  • reading
  • keeping a log book and a personal ‘vision’ journal

Informal and formal assessment is ongoing throughout the course.

On successful completion the graduate teacher will have

  • A sound understanding of the theory and practice of the Bates Method
  • Practical experience in teaching the ‘Method’.
  • The knowledge, skill and confidence to set up their own Bates Natural Eyesight practice
  • Graduates will be eligible to apply for membership of Bates Method International (Vision Education), the Bates Association, and the Association of Vision Educators.


The course fees include overnight accommodation and meals, training manual, teaching materials, etc.

There are various course fee payment options.

For further information please contact via:-

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