Bates Method International

Simply Seeing Better

Age: 12 Condition: Short-sight

by Lydia Newton

When  I started secondary school, I began to have problems with my eyes.  It is obvious what happened really.  As every thing was new, it was all different and I stopped noticing things and that is how my eyesight got bad.

 Luckily, my Dad had read a book (The Bates Method) and realised it was bad for your eyes to wear glasses and it was better for you to improve your eyes naturally.  My Dad took me to the optician’s just to see how bad my eyesight was and seeing that it had gone down dramatically, he decided that something must be done   I did not want glasses and he didn’t want me to have them either because they were bad for eyes and did not look nice.  So he decided to take me to a natural vision teacher.

 We went to a natural vision teacher in London as it was near where my grandparents live so we could stay with them which was very convenient.  On the first day with Lizzie, (the natural vision teacher), we played simple, fun, but very effective games.  The other days were more challenging but equally fun.  The games we did were very simple.  They weren’t really games but more like little things to do.  We played with string and buttons, cardboard kitchen rolls amongst other things.

 The thing I found most challenging was having to wear these glasses (without any glass in them) - one with a red coloured card the other with a blue coloured card.  The colours had to sort of switch round (this was to see how well your eyes work together) At first I found it quite confusing.

 The thing that I really liked though was the 3D pictures, which are great fun and are really amusing for children.

 The most helpful things are palming and sunning which are really relaxing and make you happy and they feel very good for the eyes.  I also think it was helpful to learn about your eyes and get to know them.

 It was very fascinating seeing how much my eyes improved while I was there.  It was definitely worth going there just for the experience and helpfulness of it all.

 I find that for most days, I remember to practise what Lizzie taught me and as the weeks go by, it has begun to become a good habit.  It does take time but I do feel that my eyes are slowly improving.  It doesn’t matter how far away you live either (I live in Wales!), as everything is so interesting, relaxing and most of all fun.

 Lydia Newton (aged 12)

Case History copyright © by Lydia Newton