Bates Method International


Age: 43 Condition: Short-sighted

by Kirsten Jones

I am sure it was fate that brought me to the Bates Method! It all began last year through my elderly aunt of 83 who has severe eye complications and osteoporosis of the neck and spine. She had been recommended by her physiotherapist to practise specific neck exercises which gave her the unexpected bonus of raising both her "droopy" eyelids within three months.

I found this so intriguing that I began to wonder whether there were eye muscle exercises that I could practise. Although I have only worn glasses for driving since 1992, I couldn’t bear the thought of my vision becoming increasingly blurred! No member of my family on the maternal side has escaped glaucoma and cataracts.

Then, to my amazement, I discovered the Sunday Times article about the Bates Association, earlier this year.

I wrote off immediately but delayed having lessons until my aunt had professional care, in late April, and there was more free time. Initially I was slightly sceptical, but only slightly, but nevertheless I proceeded with the Bates technique with gusto! I even felt car sick as I tried to focus on colours and practise my "swings".

Within two weeks, I was thrilled to find I could read the label on the "Cointreau" bottle on the kitchen counter. It was only for a second or two, but I was hooked! It took two days to calm down over my excitement!

Within six weeks, I stopped wearing glasses and haven’t looked back! Driving around 400 miles weekly, it is important to "palm" etc. morning and evening. My vision does vary from day to day depending on light and the amount of sleep I have had.

To me, this is the best thing I have ever achieved - apart from marrying my husband! My heartfelt thanks to Francesca Gilbert for all her help, guidance and encouragement. To readers, take note - don’t give up - the reward can be unbelievable!!

P.S. Even Auntie is managing five - minute sessions of "palming"!

Kirsten Jones

Case History copyright © by Liz May