Bates Method International

Presbyopia and Dry Eyes

Age: 70 Condition: Presbyopia and Dry Eyes

by Zulema Dene

I have been practising the Bates Method for about seven months now and I am amazed at the improvement in my eyesight.

 Before I began using the technique, my eyes were often sore and bloodshot and I seemed to have become so sensitive to both my distance and my reading glasses that I couldn’t decide whether I saw better with or without them and I kept taking them off and putting them on.  My eyes seemed weak and I felt they were deteriorating quite rapidly: my tear ducts were also drying up and from having an ample flow of tears, I was beginning to find that my eyes were so dry, particularly at night, that I was having to use artificial tears.

 I had heard and read about the Bates Method but it was not until I met an old friend who had managed to relax her eyes sufficiently to postpone a serious operation for five years, that I decided to start taking classes.

 The result – seven months on – is truly heartening.  By regularly using the sunning and palming techniques and with frequent lessons, my eyes are very rarely sore or bloodshot, my tears are gradually returning, and I no longer use distance glasses except for driving.  In fact last week on a clear sunny day, I drove five or six miles without noticing I hadn’t got them on.  However, when I did realise, I checked my sight with and without my glasses and was amazed to find that they made no difference.

 It’s many years since I’ve watched a film without specs, but I have recently watched two and although I certainly need glasses for reading, the print appears black instead of grey and the letters much larger without any increase in my prescription.

 Zulema Dene (70 years of age)
July,  2004

Case History copyright © by Zulema Dene