Movement Games - Banner Swing

Pathways to understanding the Bates Method

Banner Swing - the moving white light

If you are just starting out with the concept of seeing objects moving, you may find it helpful to read the introduction to movement on the Vision Games home page; this also contains the first steps in learning about the Banner Swing.

If you're ready, read on...

Expand your awareness

Follow the white light from side to side until you get a nice easy movement going. It should be possible to observe the letters of 'Seeing' move in the opposite direction from side to side, as well as 'The Bates Method' and the logo.

Imagine that the reflected surface is as smooth as glass and your eyes can slip across it with no friction at all.

Then ask yourself, 'What else is moving?'

Stay with the light, but let your visual field expand to allow movement out beyond the limits of the header image.

See if you can get movement appearing in your whole computer screen and the edges of your computer.

If the screen is moving then.... so is the desk on which it is sitting!

With time and practise it becomes possible to let anything move.

Expand your awareness!

Let go of the light

Follow the white light from side to side as above, imagining that the surface is like perfect ice: no friction can exist.

The white light acts as an anchor for your vision, helping you to maintain a sense of stillness as your vision slides from side to side. Once you feel very comfortable with the movement, try this:

Let your line of sight hover a short way above the moving light. Still moving from side to side with the light just below, the central point of your vision will now be floating right across the letters of the banner.

What happens?

Is the movement still as easy, or easier?

Do the lines of the letters get your eyes to feel sticky, or do they start to feel like they vibrate?

There are no right or wrong answers here, these questions are only suggestions in order to invite you to observe yourself.

If you find looking above the white light difficult, try looking just below it - here the letters are reflected and less of a contrast, so it is easier to glide over them.

If looking above or below is not easy, then wait until you are more used to the basic movement first, by following the white light directly and using it as an anchor to secure your line of vision.

Close your eyes

After a time try closing your eyes but continuing to move your head from side to side. Imagine the oppositional movement of the images on the screen, the screen itself and your desk. Let the movement expand as easily and as far as you can.

Do your eyes jump around behind your eyelids? See if you can ask them to calm down. Go slowly if you need to.

Your imagination can sometimes get a degree of movement that is not as easy with the eyes open - but becomes easy once you experience it in your imagination!

When you feel ready, open your eyes again and continue.

The moving white light...

... gives you the experience of the Head Swing and Prayer Swing, as well as an understanding of the swings in general. With practise it becomes possible to apply the movement to any surface in your environment. You can read more about these swings in the Techniques section.

How long should I do this?

When you first start it's fine to try it for just a few minutes, but once you get used to it you can build up to a long period - say 30 minutes - and then, even continue it throughout the day. Remember if the line of vision moves from point to point, the eyes always experience a movement in the opposite direction: the only thing required to perceive it is that your mind is attentive to what is being seen..

The key thing is: don't force it. Only continue as long as your interest and fascination with the experience continues - the longer you comfortably swing, the greater the relaxation generally.

Top Tip: Zoom the screen

Modern browsers can zoom graphics as well as text. If you have Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 or Safari it's possible to expand the header image to fill the screen:

PC: Ctrl + '+' or Ctrl + Scroll Wheel (up) Mac: Command + '+'

You can also reduce the graphics for a really tiny swing experience:

PC: Ctrl + '-' or Ctrl + Scroll Wheel (down) Mac: Command + '-' Have fun!

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